Car Brands that disappeared and ceased to exist
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10 Car Brands that disappeared and ceased to exist

The first decade at the beginning of the 21st century has become unfriendly towards the well-known world automakers, which have recently lost many of the previously popular automotive brands. It was not just some car models that fell through the earth, but whole recognizable car brands have gone into oblivion. Here is a selection of 10 car brands that have sunk through the earth in recent months.

The world is losing famous auto brands. In particular, this has been happening since the beginning of the global crisis in 2007, at a time when every year we consistently said goodbye to one well-known car brand. The trademarks of the large global automobile corporation General Motors (GM) have suffered the most.

At that moment, at the time when the sensational company filed a petition for its own bankruptcy in the United States, the company possessed a huge number of auto brands, which at one time had tremendous popularity in the world and in good times were in great demand among customers.

Brands such as Hummer, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn, and Saab were part of the American GM business portfolio. And also such brands Isuzu and Suzuki had, albeit small, but still directly related to GM.

GM was not the only automaker forced to close some of its own car brands. So the Ford company, in addition, was forced to cease the existence of its own separate division for the production of Mercury cars.

Let’s find in our memory what specific car brands we have lost over the past couple of years.

  1. Hummer

The civilian model showed up, at the most needed moment, at a time when the SUV craze began. The idea of ​​creating a jeep for citizens on the basis of the US military vehicle was very good. Taking advantage of the growing popularity of crossroads cars, GM released the H2 and then a smaller version of the H3.

The Hammer brand was a natural victim of the global financial crisis, which was closed by GM for economic reasons.

Best Latest Hummer Model: Hummer H3T based on the H3. The most practical and optimal car for everyday use compared to other models.

Ceased to exist: in 2010.

  1. Isuzu

In the commercial truck and car market, the brand feels confident at a time when the company no longer produces SUVs because the company has not been able to compete with other automotive companies in this segment. limited budget and poor management gave these machines no chance of survival.

Best Final Isuzu Model: VehiCROSS.

Ceased to exist: in 2009.

  1. Maybach 

Maybach is a car brand with a rich and long history. Conceived as an exclusive brand. Unfortunately, the cars were very similar to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

The inaccuracy of the company is that it did not invest enough funds in the development and development of new developments that the new automotive era requires.

Best Final Model: Maybach 62 Landaulet the body and the Wealth of the East convertible make this model one of the very best recent models.

Ceased to exist: in 2012.

  1. Mercury 

At a time when Ford decided to split the wide line of Lincoln cars into a separate Mercury brand, there was a certain commercial essence. But over the years of production of Mercury cars, significant success has not been achieved.

This is because the brand’s model sequence was generally very similar to the main Ford brand models. The only difference was in optics, bumpers, and a radiator grille. But when compared to Ford, the cars were much more expensive.

Mercury had good potential for its own development in the future, but Ford did not consider it necessary to invest sufficient funds in this brand.

Best Final Model: The Grand Marquis completes the brand’s sunset well. Six-seater rear-wheel-drive sedan with a V8 engine.

Ceased to exist: in 2011.

  1. Oldsmobile

Analysts and various automotive specialists show that it was necessary not to bankrupt this brand, but to temporarily stop the production of cars, waiting for the exit from the crisis. How not bleak GM decided to cease the existence of this brand, the history of which began in the nineteenth century (the date of the company’s creation is 1897).

Best model in existence now: 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora, which epitomized the brand’s futuristic contemporary style. For the automotive market, this model has become an example of the standard of cars in this class.

Ceased to exist: in 2004.

  1. Pontiac

The second brand (Pontiac), which was owned by GM, also failed to survive in the global automotive market. In the last 10 years of existence, the lineup has deteriorated in quality and design.

This medium-sized car brand was once placed in one place with the German BMW brand.

Best Latest Model: No doubt the 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP. A ferocious super-sedan that has become one of the finest GM cars ever built. The Chevrolet SS, which is obliged to start mass production, took some style and elements from the G8 GXP.

Ceased to exist: in 2010.

  1. Plymouth 

(Plymouth) An independent division of Chrysler that has existed since 1928. over the years, Plymouth machines had very good models, which were in steady demand. But if this band would have survived to this day, it is unclear how this brand fits into the main division of Chrysler.

Best Plymouth in existence: With retro touches from the Plymouth Prowler. This car was not to report high quality and good, but from the outside, it looked very chic and attracted the interesting eyes of car lovers.

Discontinued: 2001

  1. Saturn 

In the late 1980s, GM had no good ideas for making cars. But the creation of the Saturn brand was probably a good decision in those years. The only nuisance that killed the Saturn brand is not enough to control GM over the release of new models of this brand.

At the time when the owner of the brand drew attention to this, it was already too late.

Best Saturn Model: Zippy

Date of disappearance: 2010

  1. Saab

The company was taken over by General Motors between 1990 and 2000 in order to compete with these brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The thought was good.

But oddly enough, GM has never invested enough money in the brand under any circumstances. But, regardless of the lack of funding, the brand seemed to have good cars and some developments for the future. A crossover was expected.

But due to the financial crisis, GM was forced to sell Saab to the small car company Spyker, which in recent years has been an afloat brand. This brand is now owned by the EV consortium. Of all the 10 brands we have published, this is the only brand that has a chance of coming back and being reborn.

Best model in existence: Cadillac SRX sibling, good Saab 9-4X.

Discontinued: 2011

  1. Suzuki

The latest car victim in the domestic collection of brands that have fallen through the earth. But this brand fell through the earth only from the territory of the United States, at a time when, as in the second car markets, the brand still continues its own existence.

The best model with presence in the United States right now: Although the SX4 has a lot of fans in America, according to the majority, the Kizashi is probably the best model.

Date of termination in the United States: 2012.


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