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7 Unique Pendulum Clocks That You Can Buy For Your Home Decor

A pendulum clock is a kind of wall clock with a pendulum, which is a swinging weight and keeps swinging back and forth at the right interval. It was Christiaan Huygens who invented this clock in 1656. After a period of around 300 years, the pendulum clock became a precise time machine. In the contemporary world, this time machine is used to decorate a space apart from displaying the time there. Here are brief information about a few wooden pendulum wall clocks that you can buy for your home/office:

1. Decorative Wall Clock Roman Number Pendulum Clock

It is a black pendulum clock, which is made of high-grade 5-7 mm thick MDF wood and can cover an area of 33 x 33 cm on your home wall. This decorative wooden wall clock has Roman numbers (1-12) to show the time during the day and night. Available with one 1 AA battery, this round pendulum clock is an excellent timepiece to hang in your bedroom, dining hall, and living room. Further, you can use it as a gift to present your close one on a holiday or special day of his/her life. 

2. Brown Tree Along With Yellow Birds Wooden Pendulum Wall Clock 

If you wish to disclose your bird love in your living room, dining hall, or bedroom, this time displaying machine is a great choice for you. The entire clock is in the tree form, and the numbers (for displaying time) are placed on its trunk and branches. Further, this timepiece has two yellow birds and one brown bird on the pendulum. It comes with a 1AA battery and covers around 33 x 33 cm area on your home wall. Made of superior quality thick MDF wood, it lasts for a more extended period. 

3. Wooden Pendulum Wall Clock with Buddha Sitting in Lotus of Brown Colour 

This timepiece is really an ideal option for you, if you want to expose numerous things with a single item. With it, you can expose your spirituality and love for lotus, decorate your space, and display time in the space. Made of optimum quality MDF wood, it has a fine finish that could enhance the look of any space. This wooden time machine has an image of Lord Buddha sitting in the lotus. The lotus craft is in the form of a pendulum. This time displaying machine can help you cover approximately 33 x 33 cm area on the wall of your living room, dining hall, or bedroom.  

4. Butterfly in Blue Colour Wooden Pendulum Wall Clock 

Made of high-grade thick MDF wood, this wooden timepiece comes with a 1AA battery and covers an area of 43 x 38 cms on the wall of your bedroom, dining hall, reception, or any setup. With this, you can show off your insect love and enhance the look of a space. In addition to home/office decoration, you can use this time-displaying machine for gifting purposes.   

5. Woodpecker Decorative Pendulum Wall Clock

If you are looking for a round clock with an insect such as a woodpecker, this timepiece is the perfect option for your home decoration and gifting purposes. Made of supreme quality thick MDF wood, this clock comes with a 1AA battery and covers an area of 33 x 30 cm on the wall of a space. This black timepiece consists of a short pendulum, which swings back and forth on the right interval. For displaying the time, it has increased wooden marks inside.   

6. Round Shape Big Pendulum Wall Clock 

You will never deny shopping for this timepiece if you are in search of a round clock with a combination of black and white colours. Made of high-grade birch/MDF wood, this time machine has an appealing look with fine finishing and lasts for a more extended period. Available with a 1AA battery, it is ready to hang and covers an area of 61 cm x 38 cm.

7. Heart Shape Big Pendulum Wall Clock

Need to present a romantic gift? This Heart shape Big Pendulum Wall Clock is an ideal option for you. Made of supreme quality MDF/birch wood, this timepiece comes with a 1AA battery and covers an area of 62 x 90 cm. It is available with a safe and attractive packaging so that you can easily present it as a gift to your close one. 


When it comes to shopping for a pendulum wall clock, you can come across numerous options. Go with the items mentioned above or select the best one based on your taste, style, and choice.              


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