Trending Bracelets for Men in 2021

 Most men may want their wrists to remain free of any accessory. However, there are men for whom bracelets are a key fashion accessory. They may want to wear them in matching colors with their American made clothing, or go for a unique piece that may become a great conversation starter!

There are many types, styles, colors, and shapes of bracelets for men. The trick is to choose the ones that go with your attire, occasion, and most importantly, your personality. A mismatched or an odd sort of bracelet may ruin your whole look. So do your research, and find out what look you want to go for first. This blog post aims to help you get more clarity, so read on.


Like all fashion accessories and wearables, there are many types of bracelet styles to suit your preferences. Many colors, designs, and materials are available in the market. Buy a bracelet that looks decent on your arm. Do not buy bracelets that go against your style or the trending fashion. It is quite important that this fashion accessory complements your outfit perfectly. To do so, try on different bracelets before you make a final selection.


The necessity of buying bracelets in colors that complement your clothes cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, if you are truly inclined towards buying a bracelet, then make sure to invest some careful research into the purchase. You need something that will work for you for a long period of time. Go for something that looks nice on you and is durable as well! Do note that you should take your skin tone into consideration as well. Silver looks really good on light skin tones whereas shades of yellow do their magic on darker ones.


Today, with the advancement in science and technology, the fashion industry is nothing like what it used to be before. Today, there are a ton of materials available for all sorts of fashion accessories and wearables. If you talk about bracelets, then the list of materials of which they’re made is endless. From metal to leather, and plastic to copper, you will find every type of material used in exquisite bracelets. The question, at the end of the day, is what you’re looking for. Are you looking forward to buying leather bracelets or rope ones? What pleases you the most? Keep your budget in consideration and buy something that you find close to your heart.


There are many types of men’s bracelets and depending on your tastes, you may be interested in any one of them. Following are some of the popular types of men’s bracelets that you should consider before making a purchase.

Silver Bracelets

Bracelets that come in silver tones or similar shades are not only soothing to the eyes, they also register one’s class. These bracelets register a sober, mature, and soft personality. You can go for a pair of these and they will not disappoint you. This bracelet will look good with clothes that come in blue and silver tones. You can also wear black short-sleeve shirts along with denim jackets to register a slightly more daunting look.

Rope Bracelets

The rope bracelet is made of a rope, as the name implies. They are for those who are more carefree and casual. Wear them in conjunction with brown leather boots and a brown jacket. A black t-shirt in this setup will make you look your best.

Chain Bracelets

Chain bracelets are quite in fashion these days. They are quite high in demand and people love them. However, many are not in favor of such bracelets since they showcase a seemingly imposing personality. Humility is better any given day and that’s why you will see elders having a problem with chain bracelets. However, you may wear a thin chain bracelet with denim jeans and still look decent. Heavy chains will make you look like a gangster and that’s something you may not be looking forward to doing most probably.

Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets are for those who have a colorful personality and want to showcase their free spirits. These bracelets look good, especially on a holiday. You can wear them with virtually any type of informal clothing. However, make sure to avoid wearing such bracelets with formal clothing as they will seem out of place. With that said, beaded bracelets that come with beads of a similar color can sometimes work with formal clothes. But for that to happen, you must give the prospects of doing so a deep thought before making a final decision. 

Leather Bracelets

Some men are quite the admirers of leather bracelets and why shouldn’t they be? I mean, just imagine a guy dressed in leather boots, leather jackets, and a leather bracelet! Feel me? I mean, that person definitely is going to stand out in any crowd with his highly developed fashion sense! A leather bracelet is not only versatile, but it is also durable and long-lasting. Leather bracelets in brown and black are a class apart.

Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets are quite a good option if you’re new to bracelets. They are available in a variety of color and material compositions. Colors that seem metallic seem quite good and, frankly, that is exactly where you should begin from. Do note that it is not easy for everyone to be comfortable with cuff bracelets. Think your decision through and only choose them if you can truly wear them with style.

Fabric Bracelets

Yes, fabric bracelets for men are also a thing. And the possibilities with fabric bracelets are simply endless. The reason is that they come in an infinite range of color combinations and design sophistication. If you’re looking for a fabric bracelet that boasts a single color then you’ll find plenty in the market. Similarly, for the combination of more colors, there are many articles available in the market. Make sure to wear a fabric bracelet that goes along with what you’re wearing.

Well, that’s all about the different styles, colors, materials, and types of bracelets suitable for men. There are plenty of amazing options to choose from. Make sure to go for a bracelet that complements your fashion sense and style.

Happy shopping!


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