Sewage System Cleaning

Drain blockage repair

Today we want to tell you about the causes of blockages in your Sewage System Cleaning Dubai. The causes of blockage may be different, but they all ultimately lead to backup, which can greatly deteriorate your quality of life at home and can undermine your health. So why does the blockage occur?

A very common problem is roots growing into old ceramic tube joints. Clogging can also be caused by grease entering the kitchen sink, hair, toilet paper, or shifts in old pipes. All of this can lead to clogging and require drainage blockage repair.

You can deal with drain clogging in different ways, each of which varies by price, hours, and warranty.

Repair clogged pipes and drain clogged ones

If hair or too much toilet paper is clogging the drain, you will need to use a mechanical snake. It will deal with your clogging quickly and inexpensively, and the drain blockage repair will be done.

Drain clogging solutions

Otherwise, if there is a build-up of fat, you should use energy instead to save money. If there are roots grown in your sewage system, you can remove the blockage with a snake, and then power clean the pipes. However, this does not guarantee that the roots will not grow any longer in your tubes. Therefore, we strongly recommend a complete or partial replacement of the sewage system, to prevent future problems.

In our experience, 90 to 95 percent of all sanitation problems occur in a building trap. Therefore, it is better to remove it and install two consecutive cleaning operations in its place, which greatly simplifies the service and inspection of the sewage system.

All of our businesses are licensed and insured. All excavated projects come with a 25-year guarantee. We do most of our work by hand to preserve your landscaping and always try to minimize damage to your property.

Drain cleaning in UAE

Today we want to talk about cleaning the drains.

Usually the need to clean the drain arises when you get a backup. Fortunately, in many cases, you can solve the problem on your own in a few steps.

First, don’t panic and just use water. Take a look and try to find the source of the backup. You have several options:

  • Drain the basement floor
  • Basement laundry
  • A toilet or bathtub
  • kitchen sink

If the backup comes from a floor drain and the water returns to the basement after being used anywhere in your home, then the problem is with the mainline after connecting to the floor drain.

You can solve this problem with a large mechanical snake.

If a backup of laundry arrives in the basement, and the floor near the floor drain ID is dry, the problem is usually where the stack contacts the drain line. If your stack also has cleaning, the problem can also be solved with a large mechanical snake.

You can rent a mechanical snake from stores like Home Depot and do everything yourself. This does not require any special knowledge or license. By doing it yourself, you can also save your money.

The best drainage repairs

Today we want to tell you more about the complete and partial replacement of sewage pipes, which is an important part of the drain repair process.

If you encounter any problems with your system, we will run a camera check to determine the location and the cause of the problem. Usually, problems are caused by either a root in the pipe, a collapsed pipe, an overflow from the masonry trap, a foreign body clogging the entire drainage system, or the lack of a slope.

After examination, we determine the best way to remove the blockage and, accordingly, fix the drainage. Usually, it is sufficient to drill a hole and replace the problematic piece of pipe, followed by the forced installation of successive cleaning. With the help of cleaning, you can always see what is happening in your sewage system.

After the cleaning is installed, we do another camera check and again check the entire drainage system and conclude if our drain repair process is effective. If the septic line still has problems, we write a report, and if necessary, we continue to work to address the problems. It’s up to you.

In the event of serious problems with your system, it is cheaper and safer to completely change the sewage system and install a backwater valve.

Preventing basement leaks

Autumn is at its full potential and we would like to inform you of the necessary measures to have a dry and safe basement ready for any weather.

But why fall precisely?

Because autumn, as a rule, is the season of heavy rain, and roots that may have somehow reached your tubes have sprouted during the summer. This increases the possibility of a complete or partial blockage of your sewer line. And if the tube is really clogged, there’s also the possibility of a backup.

To avoid this, it makes sense to perform a camera check to determine the condition of your pipes. Based on the results of the examination, decide what to do next. If the line is absolutely clean, the pipes are in good condition, there are no visible cracks and you do not have a construction trap – congratulations, you don’t have to do anything.

But, if you discover one or more of these potential issues, you can ask us to clean the pipes with a snake, perform a complete or partial replacement of your sewer line, replace floor drains, and/or install a standing water valve.

It is known that you can have basement waterproofing that can reach the basement through the walls. To combat this, we also carry out foundation wall waterproofing procedures. We carry out resistance to the entire house from the outside or from the inside, as well as repair cracks on foundation walls, install or clean sinks.

Our specialists diagnose drainage and waterproofing problems, such as basement leaks, as well as implement the latest solutions to address them. We use the latest technology. We understand how important the comfort and reliability of your home are. Almost all of the work we do is done by hand to reduce damage to your landscapes.

With all of our excavations, we offer years of warranty. We offer discounts for seniors and single mothers. In addition, when installing a stagnant water valve and a plunger pump.

If you are not sure about your drain, contact us and we will check your system, diagnose any problems and remove them. In our arsenal we have camera checks, snake tube replacements, partial or complete replacement, waterproofing, preparation and replacement of pond pumps and catch basins.


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