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 If you want to have advantages of court marriage in Lahore Pakistan or online marriage in Lahore Pakistan you can contact Jamila Law Associates. When marriage is like a garment than to stay unmarried is to remain naked. Thus, one may say that unmarried life is defective if the concerned can have court marriage in Lahore Pakistan or online marriage in Lahore Pakistan. (Haquq az Znwjayn)  When a person needs to marry yet does not then that would cause much mischief. Temptations would abound and worship would lack savour and interest.  Some people give in to temptation and go to women; Others who protect their outward sanctity keep away from women but fall prey to young boys, which is greater mischief because women are, after all, allowed in marriage while homosexuality is unlawful. 

Some people are safe from illegal sex but fall into the introductory doings like kissing, caressing, and so on. They bracket such doings with elderly compassion. We seek refuge in Allah from mischief, the apparent and the hidden.  (Istah Inqilab P41). Some people do not do court marriage in Lahore Pakistan or online marriage in Lahore Pakistan although they need it and the ability to support it. Some refrain totally and some after the death of their spouse. When need and ability are present then it is obligatory to marry, (ibid)


 A man in Shahjahanpur did court marriage in Lahore Pakistan or online marriage in Lahore Pakistan at the age of ninety years. His sons, daughters, and daughters-in-law demurred and asked him, “Why do you need to marry when we are here to serve you? He said, “You do not understand. None can comfort as a wife may. “Suddenly, he fell ill. He had acute dysentery and a pungent, unbearable odour surrounded him. His home was filled with a stench. None of his sons and daughters came near to him. They detested him and deserted him to stay apart from him.

Only his wife served him in this plight though she was a newly-wed and young. She made him sit while he relieved himself, washed and cleaned him, and washed his garments too though this happened twenty to twenty-five times a day. She then made him lie down. The old man said, “This is why I did court marriage in Lahore Pakistan or online marriage in Lahore Pakistan.” When he recovered, he sent for his children and said, “Did you see how you served me? If I had not married, I would have rotted in the stench.  Indeed, daughters and daughters-in-law cannot nurse a sick father as a wife can. Allah has placed this comfort only in the husband-wife relationship. This is the worldly comfort of a wife. (At-Tabligh, v-3 P-146) 


A Man who married was weak and managed with tonics. A physician prescribed a heavy dose that had counter-indications in the shape of leprosy. Everyone stayed away from him, but his wife served him loyally. What a sacrifice and love! But, does the husband value her for that?  (Haquq uz Zawjayn, pp-161, 552, Al-flat Yovniyah P-206)  MAWALANA FADLUR RAHMAN MARRIED WHEN ONE HUNDRED YEARS OLD  When his first wife died, Mawlana Fadlur Rahman married at the last stages of his life at the age of 100 years was incapacitated with an ulcer and only a wife could attend to him. The kind woman took care of him with a smiling face. She cleaned his wound many times during the day and nights

Activities after court marriage in Lahore Pakistan:

 Advocate Jamila provides services of court marriage in Lahore Pakistan and says that the activities after marriage should remain healthy. Once married, remembering this blissful time can bridge the gaps, fill in the crannies and crevices, and also bring back the proximity you once felt for each other during your courtship or engagement period! Go through old photographs, DVD or engagement videos or just sit together and try to relive the past when you availed the services of court marriage in Lahore Pakistan.

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You can even visit the places you both visited together or with family during your engagement period. Reading a romantic novel or even watching a light, romantic film ‘can lighten ones’ mood whenever one finds married life dull, dreary or you feel everything is a bit too difficult to handle. Do a critical self-assessment to see how much you both have changed after court marriage in Lahore Pakistan! Is it for the better or is it for the worse? Believe me, it does help. These happy memories help to prove that a couple who can still retain, a part of the same loving temperament they had while they were engaged, can lead a happy life.

The engagement period is the time to know each other. Both should be magnanimous enough to overlook flaws and forget the past flings, if any (and let the skeletons remain in the cupboard), and start on a clean slate. If the engaged couple wants to rub in the past now and then, then it would be better to part ways. Jealousy is a negative emotion and too much of this so-called green-eyed monster is so unhealthy that one can kiss goodbye to a relationship before it becomes sour. What matters is the attitude and your trust in you after court marriage in Lahore Pakistan would-be spouse. If all this is acceptable, then you shall have a clean kitchen, equipped with all the kitchen gadgets. The cooking utensils are just right; all that you need to do now is to get the right ingredients, placed near you so ‘that you can  

Preparations of court marriage in Lahore Pakistan:

 A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband even after court marriage in Lahore Pakistan and then it is supposed to be smooth sailing. However, there are certain technicalities attached before the sailing starts.  Nikahnama registration in Pakistan is the most essential proof of matrimony. These documents of nikahnama registration in Pakistan must be carefully scrutinized and thoroughly understood before the marriage date is fixed and both sign on the dotted lines. Although it sounds a bit crass serious stress should be laid on the conditions and rules given in the Nikahnama registration in Pakistan.

 The laws and customs must be read, discussed, and understood clearly by both families before deciding the date of the wedding day. This is mostly settled by the elders of both families. It includes the clauses and conditions included in the marriage contract and if either of the family members has anything which they think should be discussed beforehand, then it must be done at once. Like financial settlements or the money/alimony to be given to the bride after the marriage or God forbid after the divorce.

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