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Tattoo-Styles at a glance – Which one Tattoo Style suits me?

For thousands of years, the art of tattooing has occupied a firm place in various cultures around the globe. Tattoo art has enjoyed growing popularity in Germany since the 1980s – now about one in five Germans has a tattoo. In view of the growing acceptance of tattoos in society, more and more talented artists are specializing in engraving and can make a living from tattooing. No wonder that some trendsetters stand out from the others. The times of “jail tattoos” and unified tribals are long gone – which aesthetic currents there are within the tattoo scene and how you choose the right style for your body art, you can find out in our detailed overview. A short multiple choice test on the most popular tattoo styles will help you to decide if you are still working on a concept for your body art.

Traditional and modern Tattoostyles in the 21st century

In the last decades the tattoo industry has changed significantly: More and more people would like to have a Tattoo and there are more and more artists who want to make a name for themselves with innovative styles. Also the materials change – what 100 years ago still had to be pricked by hand with thick needles, today tattoo artists do with precise devices that can prick up to 5000 times per minute. Colours appear brighter and last longer, at the same time they contain hardly any crude oil or other harmful substances. It was these innovations that made the colorful and eye-catching Tattoo-styles of today. for more check socialfollowr.

Classic Tattoostyles for orientation for the undecided

Some Tattoo-trends come and go, others are considered timeless classics. Not every Tattoo is also suitable for every type – individuality is the focus of the motif despite certain existing currents. Only rarely do tattoo artists stitch the same motif twice. Much more they orient themselves on a certain style and bring in motifs with personal reference. A list of Tattoo-styles, which are currently found at trade fairs and in leading studios, helps with orientation:

1. stick and poke tattoos

Stick and Poke custom tattoo design are simple, mostly monochrome black tattoos without shades. Even large areas of colour are engraved with individual contour needles and thus obtain an interesting structure. The tattoos in DIY style look high-quality and stylish if they come from a professional hand – sweet girlie motifs with strong contours and fine, dotted patterns are most often chosen. If you want to capture a memory or wear a friend chat tattoo in an inconspicuous place, this style may be right for you.

What is Stick and Poke Styles?

  • Plain black tattoos, especially beautiful on light skin.
  • Clear lines and dots instead of shading.
  • Suitable for small, symbolic motifs.

2. Blackwork

Black work tattoos are a further development of classic tribals. Geometric motifs and mandalas serve as the basis for the development of complex motifs. The tattoos only appear on a certain surface – if you plan a sleeve or a large Tattoo area on the back or chest, Blac kwork motifs appear symmetrical and clean. In addition to traditional motifs from Asia, Black works can also consist of modern, clear patterns and shapes. With this tattoo style it is particularly important that the tattoo artist works cleanly and the healing proceeds without problems – even with small Black work motif wishes you should therefore go to a specialist for the elaborate technique.

Different Blackwork Styles for different Tattoo-types

  • Mandala motifs are feminine and delicate.
  • Symmetrical patterns can also serve as a background for small tattoos (filling smaller motifs into complete sleeves).
  • Only suitable for sleeves and large areas.

3. Black and Grey

Black tattoo ink can be brightened similar to ink or pencil etchings by adding water. Many tattoo artists use this effect to create realistic black-and-white motifs that are as detailed and brilliant as possible. Almost any motif can be engraved in Black and Grey style. Many fans of this style remain true to the Black and Grey style throughout their lives, as the motifs are difficult to combine with other styles.

What to consider with Black and Grey Tattoos?

  • Fits to meaningful motifs.
  • Suitable for dark and light skin types.
  • Difficult to combine with other styles.
  • Medium and large motifs without a background are best suited for the technique.

4. Trash Polka

Trash polka tattoos are a relatively new trend and come from the creative hand of the Tattoo-teams at the Buena Vista TattooClub in Würzburg. The Tattoostyle is now known worldwide – international TattooSizes copy the collage-like style and thus contribute to the popularity of the Trash Polka style. The large-scale motifs consist of various realistic elements such as writing, splashes of paint, photographs and naturalistic motifs. Each motif revolves around an individual theme. The color scheme is also striking: For Trash Polka tattoos artists use only black, white and red tattoo color.

How to recognize Trash Polka Tattoos?

  • Collages with different realistic elements.
  • Colours: Black and white with red highlights.
  • Elements from the printing industry are often used: Newspaper clippings, handwritten messages, photos and ink stains are common.

5. Classic Americana / Old School

The classic American tattoo style was developed in the 1930s by Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins and still enjoys great popularity today. Indian and sailor motifs, tools, weapons, portraits of women and pin-ups are among the standard motifs of this style. The harder, the better – this tattoo style is something for self-confident wearers who want to capture their personality symbolically.

Features of Old School Tattoos at a Glance

  • Clear lines, pure colours, no or hardly any shading.
  • The motifs may well be a little exaggerated.
  • The style is suitable for small and medium-sized motifs.

6. portraits

To a portraitTattoo you should let only an absolute professional approach. A portrait is an artistic homage to famous personalities, friends or family members. The realistic portraits and busts can be engraved in black and white or in the style of an oil painting – even the best tattoo artist cannot make portraits in photo quality.

That’s how you can tell a good portrait-Tattoo

  • Not only shades, but also white highlights were neatly worked out.
  • Black and white portraits look like pencil drawings, colourful portraits like high-quality oil paintings.
  • A good portrait needs space and should not be too small.

7. surrealistic tattoos

No matter whether your tattoo artist designs his own creative motif, or whether you choose a surrealistic motif from artists like Salvadore Dalí or Jean Cocteau: A surrealistic Tattoo makes interesting and viewers can hardly look away. In surrealism, it all depends on the motif and the message – dreamlike motifs are realized with various means and lend their wearer a special aura. Would you like to talk to Tattoo a part of your personality to the outside, this tattoo style is the right choice.

How to find an artistic surrealistic motif for your skin

  • The surrealism of the 1930s produced many aesthetic motifs suitable for tattooing.
  • Surrealistic tattoos show what it looks like inside the wearer: Are you a colorful or a gray guy?
  • Dream motifs often point to fears, virtues and passions. What makes you so special?

8th Biomechanical Tattoos

Biomechanical tattoos usually cover whole body patients and give the impression that something else is under your skin. The tattoos are not pre-drawn, but directly pre-drawn on the skin and pre-scored in larger projects with washed out black color. Classical biomechanicals show an android-like physique, which is particularly effective for well-trained people.

How can Biomechanical Tattoos be designed?

  • Representation of futuristic technology, sci-fi elements.
  • Black and white steel look or colourful hydraulic and lighting elements.
  • Alternatives: Realistic representation of muscle strands on the skin, skeletal forms and organs at corresponding body parts.

9. Irezumi

Irezumi is the Japanese word for tattooing and describes the traditional Japanese tattoo art, which has been cultivated and perfected for centuries. Originally, Japanese men and women of honour had to earn the colourful motifs with discreet colours within the society in which they lived. It was not the wearer who chose the motif, but a work of art was assigned to him according to his personality and deeds. Today many western tattooists bring new elements and ideas into the style and you don’t have to fear the hatred of the Yakuza when wearing an Irezumi.

What makes Irezumi tattoos?

  • Fine lines and elaborately elaborated backgrounds with many details.
  • Very colourful motifs with mol or pastel shades, rarely bright colours.
  • Typical Japanese motifs and symbols: Geishas, samurais, animals, flowers, waves.
  • Irezumis are traditionally very large and are mostly worn as sleeves or back pieces.

10. New School

New School tattoos are colorful, big and full of crazy ideas: Often whole fantasy worlds are created with comic-like figures or animals in the center. Also well-known characters from games, comics, series and films are used as motifs and partly completely reinvented. Since bright tattoo colors more often contain industrial colors and other questionable materials than dark colors, you should inform yourself before tattooing exactly about the colors used and only a serious tattoo artist with a good reputation to the motif.

What distinguishes New School Tattoos?

  • High-quality, comic-like motifs with imaginative figures and backgrounds.
  • Bright colours and complete elaboration.
  • Suitable for medium and large motifs with background.


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