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Why Choose Microsoft 70-487 Exam in 2021

Microsoft Certified Systems Developer (MCSD) is a specialization within the Microsoft certification process. Students will learn the most up-to-date practices for creating hybrid clouds and deploying services in the cloud in this course. On this fast-paced 3-day exam, you will learn how to design and build new services that utilize remote and local data sources. You will gain the technical knowledge necessary to implement these new services in Microsoft Azure, on-demand private clouds, and other such hybrid environments. It is an essential Microsoft certification for Microsoft professionals worldwide.

Why Choose Microsoft?

Microsoft Certified Systems Developer (MCSD) exams are designed for developers who have significant experience in building, deploying, maintaining on-demand, hybrid clouds, and on-site Microsoft solutions. The exam structure and test questions differ from each version of the exam. This 70-487 exam Dumps was created by Microsoft in collaboration with Sun Microsystems and Cisco as part of the Certification in Information Technology Development (CITD) program. The 70-487 exam includes a written section and a hands-on laboratory.


Microsoft Certified Systems Developer (MCSD) objectives are divided into four key sections that include: A review of Windows Server 2021 R2; A review of the environment and technologies used in a development and deployment scenario; infrastructure requirements and scalability; and configuration management and troubleshooting. The 70-487 exam objectives must be aligned with Microsoft’s mission to deliver the most reliable, scalable, and available computing solutions on the market. Microsoft has made considerable investments in the technology and tools that are part of its Windows Azure and Visual Studio Dot Net tooling available to developers through the MSDN library. Also, Microsoft has made significant investments in the tooling and its bundle for its web services framework.

How to become Microsoft 70-487 Certified?

The goal of this 70-487 exam is to test developers on the following areas: Microsoft’s experiences in providing an integrated platform for deploying web services applications on an on-demand basis. Microsoft’s expertise in delivering a client-server model for developing and deploying web services applications. Microsoft’s experiences and expertise in the design of the Microsoft cloud infrastructure. Finally, Microsoft’s experience and expertise in developing, deploying, and managing Microsoft cloud services.

This study guide presents the 70-487 ITD exam objectives for the Windows Azure service. We start by reviewing the goals for Windows Server 2021 R2. Next, we review the objectives for Windows Forms and Windows Presentation. Finally, we review the objectives for the Windows Azure SDK.

Microsoft’s official website contains several sample test questions and a comprehensive list of books and guides that provide information about the topics that will appear on the Microsoft 70-487 exam. Microsoft includes sample test questions and a summary of selected books and guides in its Microsoft Learning Network library. This library is divided into categories. The websites contain information about the topics that will appear on the Microsoft 70-487 exam, including general information, specific details, and reading guides.

There are two booklets in Microsoft’s library that provide information about the topics and subjects that will appear on the Microsoft 70-487 exam. One of these books is Learn Microsoft Dot Net in a Few Weeks – A Guide to App Building, which contains detailed information about the topics and subtopics that will appear on the Microsoft 70-487 exam. This book includes a detailed look at the application programming interfaces (APIs) using Visual Studio, programming, database, and configuration. The second booklet, Learn Microsoft Dot Net in Two Weeks – A Training Manual for Windows developers, provides detailed information about the application programming interfaces and Visual Studio. This book includes information about using Microsoft Graph tools and creating a project.

Final Words

The books and guides provide information about the Microsoft Application Server and Microsoft Cloud Office Platform services. The book Learn Microsoft Dot Net in Two Weeks – A Training Manual for Windows Developers contains Visual Studio information. It includes sample tests from the Microsoft Visual Studio Test Engine. The book and websites have detailed information about the test objectives, study guides, study tips, and sample test questions and answers.


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